Thursday, October 28, 2010

Current Projects

I have two current projects.  Only two you ask?  Well, I have more UFOs than I care to admit to.  However I'm trying to get that number down. 

The first project is really my main project that I stitch on during weeknights after work and on the weekends.  It's a gift so I really can't post a picture of it yet.  Sorry!

The second project is my lunch/errand project.  I've just started it.  I know this picture is horrible.  I'm so sorry, but I really wanted to post today so I had to take a cell phone picture.  Something is better than nothing, right?  This will be a Christmas ornament.  Christmas is my favorite holiday!  The design is from a book called A Cross-Stitch Christmas Celebrations in Stitches from Better Homes and Gardens.  The name of the design is called Ho Ho Ho Ornament.

Like I said, I've just started it, but I really wanted to post today.  

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! I saw your comment on Coni's blog and your name caught my eye because it's the more common spelling of my daughter Joi's name. I'll be adding to you to my Google reader and looking forward to stitchy updates.